As a socially responsible corporate citizen, Urban Estates ploughs back 10 % of the total revenue earned from every project, into meeting a dire social need. We, at Urban Estates, are convinced that the principle of give and take is the life-breath of life. Man lives as and in a society. Each individual draws much from out of others in society and owes much to his fellow beings with whom he shares social space. Economic, political and socio-cultural activities wouldn’t exist without man’s need for social life. Urban Estates holds its social responsibility high. It follows that we are not driven by making an unfair amount of money from real estate business. Rather, we are here to make a difference to our society while catering to the real estate requirements of fellow being
Director “Thank you for your interest in Urban Estates. It gives us immense pleasure putting our strengths on your side in getting the best out of your home/property investments. Personally, We believe more in deeds than words. Deeds require courage, knowledge, skills, patience and a whole host of intellectual, emotional and ethical strengths that are fundamental to translating dreams and plans to reality. It’s people with qualities and character that translate wishes and dreams to concrete realities. Be it a product or service, they have no life without right people behind them. At Urban Estates the quality of people has been integral to our real estatebusiness. Our ethics and principles-centric leadership and teamwork allow us deliver you on our promises on a consistent basis. So, when you deal with Urban Estates you can be sure of quality, transparency, truthfulness, integrity and commitment. So we have, “real estate redefined” for our motto. Clearly, because as most would testify, most of the realty sector is infested with dishonest practices that bring great many losses and pains to a lot of hapless people. Urban Estates stays committed to be no part of it. Well, it took us these many words to assure you of what we are. Why don’t you give us an opportunity to prove my words? Look forward to hearing from you soon so as to serve you with our offerings.”
    PRASAD RAO KAMINENIManaging Director

    The unassuming visionary behind Urban Estates. Quick to see opportunities around him and seize it for the benefit of people who trust him. With over 12 years of experience in property development, coupled with a Master’s in Business Administration, Prasad Rao represents a professional committed to managerial practices, business standards, corporate values and universal principles of the highest order. Besides, his extensive domain knowledge, integrity of character and humanitarian mind-set make him a complete and competent leader adding to Urban Estates capacity to efficiently meet the needs of its patrons, prospects and stakeholders. Prasad has a heart for social initiatives for common good and an eye for details that translate to delivering quality, no matter what


    The versatile power-house at Urban Estates. Represents a wealth of over two decades of experience in Marketing and People Management gleaned from international exposure and expertise in a range of domains including Textiles, Insurance and Real Estate. Brijesh believes in enriching the lives of fellow humans by investing his time and energy into efforts that would help create a better tomorrow. His passion for children, wildlife photography, computer games, good food and commerce speak of his love of good life, which he pours into mission Urban Estates


    The prince of action at Urban Estates. Powers Marketing and Sales efforts with over 15years of experience in the domain. A natural go-getter and purpose-driven leader with exceptional managerial talents that allow Urban Estates win optimum value for its patrons and stakeholders. An approachable and affable people’s person who makes himself available to clients for getting things done as planned and desired, including contracts, negotiations, inspections and closing processes. His customer-centric temperament allows Urban Estates delight clients and partners that trust the company with their investments

    TARIQ S.PDirector

    The technocratic charmer at Urban Estates. Energizes Marketing efforts with his level-headed and incisive leadership. Beautifully blending his skills as a Software professional with over 11 years of experience in real estate, Tariq notches unparalleled wins for Urban Estates to the advantage of its clientele. His exemplar readiness to serve his clients helps Urban Estates deliver on its promises to the utmost satisfaction of its clients.

    PADMANABHAN. AGeneral Manager

    The mover and shaker of Urban Estates. Guards Customer Relationship, Collection, Administration and Sales. Padmanabhan represents a wealth of over three decades of experience in this capacity, multinational exposure, various awards and recognitions for his outstanding achievements, erudition and expertise to handle challenges with composure. He oils the Urban Estates wheels with prudence and maturity so as to ensure that it lives up to the expectations of the clientele